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The American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) is a national membership organization representing individuals and businesses in the growing profession of daily money management. These professionals provide personal financial/bookkeeping services to senior citizens, the disabled, busy professionals and others. AADMM's mission is to support daily money management services in an ethical manner, to provide information and education to members and the public, and to develop a network of dedicated professionals. For more informationon AADMM, visit their website at​ 

AADMM is committed to promoting high standards of client services provided by members, and to supporting the growth of the daily money management industry, in numbers of providers, in recognition of the field, and in the quality of services provided. Members follow the principles found in the association's Standards of Practice and abide by the Code of Ethics.

Our Story... Our Mission

The Society of Certified Senior Advisors (SCSA) educates professionals to improve the lives of seniors by providing an integrated approach to working with senior clients. They believe that the right kind of planning, recommendations and referrals can make aging a state to be savored instead of a fate to be feared.

For those who work with seniors, that means understanding the key health, social and financial factors that are important to older people and how these factors work together. It means understanding the practical implications of the aging process and how it impacts the lives of seniors and their families. And it means upholding the highest ethical standards and building trust with our senior clients.

CSAs are able to integrate this knowledge into their professional practices, no matter what field they’re in. They’ve learned how incredibly gratifying it is to help seniors achieve their goals, and the seniors they’ve worked with have learned how important it is to work with someone who truly understands their age-related circumstances.

By building strong, effective relationships with seniors and creating a network of qualified professionals, SCSA can create a strong safe environment for seniors and those working with them. CSAs are committed to ethical behavior to benefit senior clients and their families. The CSA who builds their health, social, legal and financial knowledge in aging through continuing education and forms a strong network of strategic partnerships will act in concert on the behalf of the seniors they serve using a unified approach demonstrating the difference of holding the CSA certification. For more information on the SCSA, visit their website at

Memberships & Certifications

Over the years, the financial industry has evolved in such a way that services once offered to individuals are no longer available through traditional banking. Knowing that there is still a strong need and demand for personalized services, in the fall of 2014, we decided to use our years of banking and trust experience to start Witmer & Shaub, LLC. Our goal is to build trusting relationships with our clients and assist them in all those forgotten money management needs, thus bridging the gap left by this ever changing industry.

Kathy A. Shaub
Certified Senior Advisor

44 Years Experience

Tracy A. Witmer
Money Manager

20 Years Experience

Having trouble managing your personal financial affairs? Maybe you have a parent in need of Daily Money Management assistance but feel you don't have the time to maintain your parents' affairs? We can help!

Our services meet a continuum of needs, from assistance with your banking and bill paying, managing your important documents, to transition and downsizing.

We are a great fit for seniors who are dealing with the physical or mental changes precipitated by the aging process. We can assist professionals who have careers and busy lifestyles, individuals who have medical issues, or anyone who has difficulty managing their personal and financial paperwork.

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